Today’s world is one where everything has become automated. Our lights, thermostats, and more can all be controlled through smartphones at the touch of a button – and garage doors are no exception. If you want to upgrade your home’s technology and security, a smart garage door opener may be your answer.

What is a Smart Garage Opener?

A garage door opener lets you open & close your garage door with the touch of a button. A smart garage opener takes it to the next level and allows your smartphone to become the opener. Your garage is a part of your home, and a smart opener can completely transform the way you access it.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener?

If you have an attached garage that you regularly come & go through, a smart garage door opener can benefit you. Convenience and safety are two of the main benefits of a smart garage door opener system. More benefits include:

Never Forget to Close Your Garage Door

Have you ever left your house and thought, “I can’t remember if I closed my garage door”? With a smart door opener, you can use your smartphone to verify your suspicion and close it with the tap of a button. Some smart garage door openers may even close automatically after a certain period of time.

Open (or Close) Your Door From Anywhere

Whether you have a habit of leaving the door open or a family member lost their key, you’ll be able to open or close your door from anywhere. Apps designed for these products will let you know if your garage is open or closed, which beats the inconvenience of driving back home to check it yourself.

Improved Security

Many smart garage door products let you see the real-time activity inside of the garage in addition to the ability to control the door itself. Unconditional & constant access to the status of your garage door is beneficial for those who travel and for those who commute to work. Many systems come with a feature called “vacation mode” which prevents your door from being opened while you’re gone for an extended period.

Connectivity With Other Smart Devices

Smart garage openers can connect to smart home devices like Apple HomeKit, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa. Synching your home on one platform is ideal, and there are many third-party applications that can allow you to connect your already-established home assistants.

Set a Schedule

A smart opener may allow you to schedule times for your garage door to open and close. This can be useful in a variety of situations like arriving home from work or when your kids get home from school.

Wherever you notice consistent departure or arrival times throughout your schedule, you can automate your garage door to keep up. Your garage door opener app will give you the freedom to customize your garage door to your needs.

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