There are many reasons why homeowners choose to replace a garage door. Maybe it looks old and worn out, or maybe it doesn’t open properly anymore. Whatever the reason, there are several things you’ll need to consider before making that big decision.

One of those factors is how much a new garage door could increase your home’s value. If you’re thinking about putting a new garage door up, consider whether it adds enough value to make the cost worthwhile.

Does a new garage door increase home value?

According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing a garage door gives you a 93.8% ROI. This is the highest return on investment of any remodels in the United States. The average homeowner spends $1,200 to replace their garage door and gets back $3,000 or more.

Benefits of a new garage door:

Energy efficiency

Garage doors are designed to be both energy efficient and attractive. They feature insulation, a sealant, and weatherstripping. A garage door with good insulation will help maintain a steady temperature inside your garage. Weatherstripping seals the gap around the door frame, preventing cold air from entering.

Another important consideration is the R-value of the insulation. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation will be. Look for a garage door with a high R-value if you plan to store large items like cars, boats, or other vehicles. It also helps keep you warmer inside your home during the winter months. That means less energy is required to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house.

Curb appeal

Your garage door is an important element of your home’s exterior. It will help define your house’s style and curb appeal. You should select a material that works well with the rest of the house. For example, if you’re planning to paint your garage door white, then you might consider painting the rest of the house white too.

There are many ways to change the appearance of your garage door. You can choose a color that matches the rest of your home, a slightly different shade, or bolder color. There are also options available for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their homes. For example, you could go with a wooden door instead of a steel one, choose a door with glass windows or add decorative hinges and handles.


Garage doors are an important part of any home. They protect your valuables and provide access to them at any time. Modern garage doors offer many safety features including photo sensors that detect obstacles and prevent the door from closing if anything gets in the way. Garage door openers also offer remote operation allowing you to open and close your garage door from anywhere.

Fewer costs on maintenance and repairs

If you notice that your old garage door is starting to show signs of wear and tear, then replacing it could be the best option. But before you do so, make sure you know how much it would cost to repair or replace your current garage door. If you don’t have a budget yet, then you’ll want to start by getting an estimate on repairing and replacing your door. This will help you make a decision on the best option for you.

Need an inspection or a new garage door?

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